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​​The Forgotten Files Rock Show on with your kick ass host MT Robinson. 

The Forgotten Files Rock Show is an attempt to dig out the best of the best- the rarest of the rare and the most rocking songs ever recorded, by the greatest bands and artists ever to set foot on a stage.

MT has been recording and playing music professionally in nightclubs sporting events, so many venues and gigs its hard to account for it all. and now on finding a permanent home on internet radio .

MT has dedicated his life to preserving and playing all the great songs that current corporate radio station around the world have FORGOTTEN, if they ever played them at all.

Over the years in San Diego, MT has worked with some of the biggest names in Rock, including incredible acts like Cheap Trick, Kansas, Blue Oyster Cult, Jeff Healy, Pat Travers, Foghat, The Tubes, BB King, The Romantics, Missing Persons, Quiet Riot, Warrant, Peter Wolf, The Beat Farmers, Natasha's Ghost, and literally hundreds and hundreds more, both national acts and local bands and musicians.

The goal of this show and station is to make sure that people can turn on the radio looking for REAL rock, and finally get some return when searching around the dial. Each Week MT cuts together a fresh show, and try to avoid the same old songs that the other stations have run into the ground.

So tune in anytime and decide for yourself if this is not the best rock station you ever heard. !!

And if you run off scared like a little bitch cause its TOO rockin for ya- remember- this is NOTHING on the thrash scale- just good old fashioned rocking out for people who care what they put in their brains...

After working for  several years in terrestrial radio, Rick Gene launched KIW Radio in 2015.   A veteran stand-up comic (, he is the head-writer and host of the sketch comedy radio show "Keeping It Weird" which is now the flagship program on KIW Radio.  

Terrestrial radio is on its last legs and survival is dependent upon being on the radio.    With KIW Radio, we no longer have to worry about program changes, line-up changes or changes in ownership.  We play our favorite songs and make up our own schedule.